The project «Differentiation of tourist product: eco-tourism trails in the cross-border area for the promotion of alternative tourism» - «ECO-TOURISM TRAILS» is implemented in the framework of IPA cross-border Programme "Greece – Albania” 2007-2013, and is co-funded by the European Union and by national funds of Greece and Albania.
The main aim of the project is the development of eco-tourism in the cross-border area through the promotion of the rich natural and cultural resources and wildlife of the region and the exploitation of the specialized interests of tourists for the environment, religious and cultural heritage, based on sustainable exploitation of resources and existing facilities of the area.
Due to the existence of high quality resources in both regions, the project area presents many chances for joint action, in order to accelerate development and enhance employment in the area, where tourism functions as the accelerator of the social and economical life.

The objectives of the project

  • The recording of cross-border trails, which are places of natural and cultural interest, and the creation of concrete touristic routes which will include places of interest for specialized touristic interests. Another target is the preservation of the biodiversity of the area and the enhancement of visitors’ familiarization with the wildlife.
  • The development of integrated and distinct tourist products by effectively inter-connecting the provided tourist services with the existing tourist resources, attractions and the services provided by the enterprises of the cross-border project area.
  • The promotion of the competitive advantages of the cross-border area through the development of a concrete touristic identity of the area as an important destination of eco-tourism.
  • The enhancement of human resources’ expertise on subjects corresponding to the new tendencies and the needs for regional economic as well as viable and environmentally friendly development of tourism.
  • The mitigation of regional disparities and the strengthening of the cohesion in the tourist sector between the project countries by strengthening cross-border cooperation, exchange of information and know-how between the tourist stakeholders of the area.
  • The development of cooperation networks among companies and institutions in the tourist sector for exchanging know-how and shaping common touristic destinations and products.

Project Actions

  • A study for the recording, identification of mapping and signaling requirements of five (5) eco-trails.
  • Development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) trail maps
  • Opening, mapping, creation and signaling of five (5) eco-trails
    ♦Trail for sport-outdoor activities in Nestorio area
    ♦Trail of cultural / religious character in Nestorio area
    ♦Trail focused on brown bear life and presence in Nestorio – Grammos area
    ♦Trail for sport activities in Korce area &
    ♦Trail of environmental – cultural character in Korce area
  • Development of eco-tourism packages combining eco-trails of the cross-border area and including integrated touristic services (transport, accommodation, activities)
  • Promotional material (guide – maps – leaflets)
  • Development of a portal on alternative tourism promotion.
  • Info kiosks & video
  • Development of an e-learning platform
  • Development of five (5) e-learning courses
    ♦Ecotourism: Principles, Practices and Policies for sustainable development
    ♦Interpreting indigenous / cross-border culture and heritage
    ♦Ecotourism Marketing for SMEs and local authorities
    ♦Cooperation with EU eco-tourism networks
  • 3 training programmes on eco-tourism development, promotion and networking topics
  • Cross-border network on eco-tourism and action plan for its development
  • Two common workshops of the Network on Action Plan for eco-tourism development for tourist enterprises, eco-tourism associations and local authorities.
  • Information and publicity actions
    ♦Web site of the project in three languages
    ♦Publications in newspapers and magazine
    ♦Posters and leaflets
    ♦Dissemination conferences in Nestorio and Korce

Target Group

The target groups are the existing and potential visitors/tourists, local population, tourist agencies, business of the tourist sector, along with local and regional stakeholders involved in tourist development initiatives

Municipality of Nestorio
Address: Nestorio, 52051, Greece
Tel : +30 2467 352300
Fax: +30 2467 031242
Web site:

Municipality of Korce
Address: 28 Nentori, L7, Korce, Albania
Tel : + 355 8224 3353
Fax: + 355 8224 2004
Web site:

CALLISTO Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society
Address: Kipourio, 51031, Greece
Tel : +30 24620 75392
Fax: +302310 272190
Web site:

Through this project, the three partners from Greece and Albania are cooperating in order to create a single tourist project which will stimulate the touristic development of the area