• A study for the recording, identification of mapping and signaling requirements of five (5) eco-trails.
  • Development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) trail maps
  • Opening, mapping, creation and signaling of five (5) eco-trails
    ♦Trail for sport-outdoor activities in Nestorio area
    ♦Trail of cultural / religious character in Nestorio area
    ♦Trail focused on brown bear life and presence in Nestorio – Grammos area
    ♦Trail for sport activities in Korce area &
    ♦Trail of environmental – cultural character in Korce area
  • Development of eco-tourism packages combining eco-trails of the cross-border area and including integrated touristic services (transport, accommodation, activities)
  • Promotional material (guide – maps – leaflets)
  • Development of a portal on alternative tourism promotion.
  • Info kiosks & video
  • Development of an e-learning platform
  • Development of five (5) e-learning courses
    ♦Ecotourism: Principles, Practices and Policies for sustainable development
    ♦Interpreting indigenous / cross-border culture and heritage
    ♦Ecotourism Marketing for SMEs and local authorities
    ♦Cooperation with EU eco-tourism networks
  • 3 training programmes on eco-tourism development, promotion and networking topics
  • Cross-border network on eco-tourism and action plan for its development
  • Two common workshops of the Network on Action Plan for eco-tourism development for tourist enterprises, eco-tourism associations and local authorities.
  • Information and publicity actions
    ♦Web site of the project in three languages
    ♦Publications in newspapers and magazine
    ♦Posters and leaflets
    ♦Dissemination conferences in Nestorio and Korce